Roku streaming device is known for providing the best video experience for your devices. Create your Roku account to set up a device by entering the Roku Activation Code at URL to access an unlimited and amazing collection of movies, TV shows, music, and more from the Roku Channel Store. Setup a Roku wireless device with your tv and start watching your favorite channels with Roku.

Signing Up With My Roku Account!

A simple and easy procedure of creating or signing up with your roku account is given below:

1. First, you must launch a web browser and go to the Roku sign up site.
2. After that, tap the Login option and select Create an account.
3. Provide a valid email ID that you are using.
4. Further, make a secure password for the Roku account.
5. Later, you can make use of these as the Roku account credentials.
6. If you wish to create a Roku PIN, to it by navigating to the settings.
7. Thirdly, you have transacted your bucks to get the Roku
8. Make use of the Paypal method or the Credit card method as your mode of transaction.
9. Once the transaction, the Roku account will be ready.
10. Lastly, the account is all set for activation using the Roku link code.

Wireless Installation

1. Choose ‘Setup up a new wireless connection’
2. The Premiere device probes for available networks as a progress ‘Wireless Scan’ screen appears
3. At the ‘Choose your network’ screen, a list of network names running the area will be displayed
4. Select the relevant connectivity option with the help of the remote’s arrows

How to Activate Roku using Link Code?

You need to follow the given below steps to activate your Roku account :

1. Using a browser go to
2. Enter the Roku enter code into the provided field and hit the submit button.
3. If everything appears fine, it will take you to the next screen i.e. payment.
4. Sign in to your account to add payment details. else you can choose to create a new account option.
5. You will get the success message soon.